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Donohue Photography is proud to be a part of the digital revolution in photography. Digital printing has opened up an entirely new creative universe, allowing me to reinterpret earlier negatives in ways I never dreamt possible. Captivated by an entirely new aesthetic of pigmented inks and beautiful European rag papers, I am now making the finest prints of my twenty-five-year career as a photographer.

I use a hybrid style of printmaking which combines traditional and digital technology. I photograph with both digital and medium format film cameras and process films in a traditional wet darkroom. I scan the negative, work with it in Photoshop, adjusting the tonal values until the image expresses the feeling I had at the scene. I collaborate with a master printer to proof and output my color images on a Roland Hi-Fidelity printer using Hexachrome Pigment inks on !00% cotton rag paper or linen canvas. The black and white images are printed using archival Carbon Pigment inks on fine European Archival cotton rag papers.